DRESS: Vintage c.1970s
BARRETTE: Vintage c.1990s
SHOES: River Island
PURSE: Skinny Dip London

SO for the end of 2015-2016 I’ve periodically been cycling in & out of obsessing over late 60s/early 70s fashion! Every now & then I go on vintage sprees and want only authentic instead of repo (not to knock it at all though). This dress seems late 70s since it’s got that 80s Edwardian feel to it. And when I saw these boots I flipped like 7 tables because they look like James Bond meets mahou shoujo & I am here for it, ya’ll. Of course my all time favorite, a novelty bag courtesy of Skinnydip London & a vintage barrette! I have no particular attachment to the year 1997, but the font was cool and it was sparkly & adorable!!