Do you think you could write/imagine something up for the Lyman family set anytime after Emily Osborn’s death? That is any close relatives on Emily’s side. Featuring or mentioning Norman and Harry if possible?


Beverly Lyman hung up the phone with a slam.

“I am guessing it did not go well, dear?” her mother asked as she tutted about, setting up the table for dinner.

Beverly’s lip tightened. “We invited him weeks ago, no answer. I call the day before, and he refuses. He acts like he’s the only one affected by Emily’s death.”

Beverly’s mom, Elisabeth, merely shook her head. “Being married does odd things to you, dear. You feel like they are the other half of your soul. You will understand one day.”

Folding her arms, Beverly privately thought that she wouldn’t. She never understood why sloppy kisses at the end of dates sounded appealing. Being with friends or family had so much more warmth.

“I just wish I could at least see little Harry. He was the light of Emily’s life!”

Elisabeth paused. “I would like to see my grandson as well. Maybe at Christmas.”