A Latina student at a university in Boston said that her professor on Thursday handed back her paper and told her, in front of the class, “This is not your language.”

After looking at more of the comments the professor left on her literature review, Suffolk University sociology major Tiffany Martínez noticed that the professor had circled the word “hence” and had written, “This is not your word,” underlining “not” twice.

And at the top of her paper, the professor had written, “Please go back & indicate where you cut & paste.”

Martínez, an aspiring professor who was born and raised in the Bronx, told BuzzFeed News that her professor had called her to the front of the senior seminar course on Thursday to receive her graded paper when she made the language comment.

“She spoke loudly enough that students at the back of the room heard and asked if I was OK after class,” Martínez said.

She felt terrified after the incident.

“I spent the rest of the class going back through every single line, every single citation to make sure that nothing had been plagiarized, even though I knew I hadn’t,” she said.

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It be like that i remember one time a professor handing me back my paper saying see me after class. Paper was so well written he didn’t believe i wrote it based on my appearance told me to email him the file so he could run it through a plagiarism checker. Even then he still thought i paid someone or a family member wrote it.

Be sure to check out her actual blog post on the matter:

They link to it in the buzzfeed article, but I know not everyone will click through to it. 

It’s really worth reading Martinez’s personal thoughts.