OCD things:


  • you never know if an intrusive thought will pass for just a minute or it will have a 4-month stay in your head.
  • you know your fears are irrational but yet you don’t because they just feel too real.
  • feeling guilty when you get a disgusting thought even though you know it’s out of your control but you feel like you’ll be an awful person if you don’t feel guilt over letting something so awful in your head.
  • being scared of being scared.
  • feeling like you won’t be able to go on with your life normally after a certain thought.
  • wanting to speak to someone but yet feeling too ashamed to speak up or you know that the fear is too idiotic.
  • when people think that OCD is just being tidy and washing your hands often.
  • feeling scared when you don’t feel scared over something you’re usually supposed to be horrified by.
  • every episode usually has one main thought that bothers you but other thoughts might occur too.
  • being told that you’re too smart to have such irrational fears. like, i know but i can’t help it.
  • it can be triggered by something most people would just pass by.
  • feeling like you’re sharing a body with something/someone that’s not you.
  • wishing you could just delete those thoughts from your head.