I have no money left for general living costs. I need to raise $1590* for important payments this week.

*updated costs, see links below

I have a physical disability that completely confines to me to my bed, which means I have to pay people to help me with anything that requires any amount of physical strength or leaving the bed at all. There were some unexpectedly high home care/assistance and food costs in the past week, so now I don’t have any money left except for amounts set aside for legal costs etc. I need some help.

The amount that I need to raise for rent, home care, transport, and groceries etc. this week is $1590 and I’ve listed the specific payments on this linked post (updated cost explained here). Getting assistance is particularly important this week because a lot of it is specifically to help me with trying to get to my neurologist’s appointment on 21st July. I have had no consultations for 8 months because of a bad financial situation and my condition is rapidly getting worse. I’m terrified about what this will mean for me if I continue to have no access to specialist medical care.

I need to raise most of the $1590 by the end of today (5PM Monday AEST or 3AM Monday EST), so that I can then focus on raising money for bond and any potential upfront transport costs. I know this is a large amount of money and there’s not a lot of time. I do genuinely need to pay these things because I’m dependent on other people’s assistance and I’m almost completely isolated from unpaid support. Any amount would help, donations of $5 or $1 all add up and will really help me.

Here is evidence of my medical condition.

These are the donations options if you’re able to donate. Thanks everyone for your support.
donations page
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PayPal.me (PayPal account required; no fee for PayPal balance transfers)

– PayPal transfer to sophaldred at gmail dot com if PayPal.me is unavailable.

*****ETA 19th Jul.: Thank you to everyone who has donated to me. I’ve received $592 so far. I need to raise the remaining $988 as soon as possible.*****