Why George Lucas is one of the most influential people of all time!


So you guys have probably known, that I mention the movie, “Star Wars”, many times on my posts.

That was used to just to mention that name for comparison and to tell you guys how much I love that movie. 

So I started to think about ideas for my next few posts, and this one came to mind. 

So I thought of making this post, because I love the talented guy that I’m gonna talk about, and spread the word as to why he’s very influential.

So today, here are reasons why George Lucas is one of the most influential people of all time!!!

1. He Created “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars”.

Yes, this is the most obvious. 

This guy

created “Star Wars”

and “Indiana Jones”.

When it comes to these movies, you would probably here about George Lucas, who is the one that created these unforgettable franchises.

Many thought “Star Wars” would flop, but Lucas made sure that his vision for the film was good, and in the end… It was great!

No one believed in that movie, George made his film, and was also scared.

But it was a huge hit!

It has space adventure, fun, romance, humor, friendship, family, and so on!

It has all of that in one fantastic movie trilogy! 

“Indiana Jones” was also fantastic!

It has everything that “Star Wars” has, but also with treasure hunting and mystery.

Now these films are so memorable because of the characters, settings, and stories.

It is simple, but sweet and effective!

2. George Lucas inspired many film directors/writers to create memorable blockbusters!

George Lucas created a huge, immersive universe!

And with that, because of how fantastic and memorable “Star Wars” is, he inspired many filmmakers to make memorable big blockbuster movies. 

Movies that are blockbusters and the ones that all of us love and remember! 

Memorable blockbusters such as

“Toy Story”

“Independence Day”

“The Dark Knight Rises”.

And many more!

These movies not only made a lot of money, but are also loved by many for their stories and characters.

It shows a chain reaction of effect, one amazing movie, made other amazing movies get made!

And speaking of “Toy Story”.

3. He basically founded the company Pixar.

Yes, George Lucas founded PIxar.


This Pixar!

Back in 1979, Mr. Lucas hired Ed Catmull, from The New York Institution of Technology, to be the head of Lucas’s computer division. 

Then in 1983, he hired future Pixar Chief Creative Officer, John Lasster, to help animate visual effects for movies, and to develop state of the art technology for animated shorts.

Then in 1986, a man named Steve Jobs bought the division for $5 million, thus renaming it to Pixar.

At first they were making shorts, but then during the early 90′s. they were developing “Toy Story”, and of course became a huge hit and is now a classic!

4. George Lucas created one of the biggest and most innovative companies ever!

So you guys know George Lucas the filmmaker. 

But do you know George Lucas the businessman?

Well just in case you guys didn’t know, Mr. Lucas started a film and TV production company called Lucasfilm.

Which have produced memorable movies and television shows such as every single “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” film. 

Also producing the hit animated TV series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

But that’s not all!

He also started the innovative visual effects company, Industrial Light and Magic.

This company is still innovative for creating groundbreaking visual effects for memorable blockbusters!

Blockbusters such as “T2: Judgement Day”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Avengers”, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Those are just to name a few!

He also created the company, Skywalker Sound.

A post-production sound mixing/editing and music scoring company.

That gives iconic sounds such as Darth Vader’s breathing, and the sound of Wall-E.

They have done so much sound work for many movies, that their sounds are unique and innovative.

And finally, there’s Lucasarts.

The then video game developer, now video game publisher and licensor.

The company behind “Lego Star Wars”, “Star Wars: Battlefront”, and “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”.

They have immersed us into video games and we all still have fun playing these fun and enjoyable video games!

5. George Lucas is very charitable.

So he is a passionate filmmaker and businessman. 

But he is also willing to give to others.

He had donated millions and millions of dollars to multiple charity organizations.

He said that he was going to use most of the $4.5 billion that he was paid by Disney, after they bought his company. 

He is also gonna open the, “Lucas Museum of Narrative Art”, sometime in the near future.

George Lucas has made mistakes and is been criticized on multiple occasions, but he still does good things for people, and inspires filmmakers to always have an imagination.

I love this guy so much, that in school, I did a visual presentation on how he made a huge impact on pop culture. 

And this guy is truly, a genius. 

That is my take.

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