I know that there’s a lot of uncertainty and distress in regards to the UK voting to leave the EU, but the ageism I’ve seen in response is pretty alarming.

In case you’ve missed it, there have been many people calling for voting rights to be taken away from the elderly “because they’re not going to be here as long.”

A person’s worth is not measured in how much longer they have to live (would you take voting away from terminally ill people???) and oftentimes the older voters still have 20+ years left to live. 

I don’t think anybody votes for things because they’re old and therefore don’t have to live with the consequences. They vote the way they do because that’s what they genuinely believe (whether it is right or not). 

Discussing the removal of voting rights from one group of people only opens the door to a broader conversation as to “who deserves to vote.” (Which hasn’t worked out so well in the past.)

Disagreeing with the older generation is not a reason to strip them of their rights. It’s a reason to go out to vote in force.