Severus Snape once intended to publicly kill a student’s pet as punishment for getting a potion wrong

Severus Snape, a teacher of children, took a 13 YEAR OLD’S PET and TRIED TO POISON IT and then proceeded to PUNISH THE STUDENT because the pet didn’t die

Severus Snape is a whiny, petty, self-absorbed abusive piece of shit there is no arguement here

I’m not saying this isn’t true, but what book is this in?

Prisoner of Azakaban. During their first potions lesson, Neville misbrews a shrinking solution. As punishment, Snape says he’ll feed Nevill’e incorrect potion to his toad, Trevor, and that the potion will be a poison and kill his pet. 

Hermione helps him correct his potion, and when Trevor doesn’t die, Snape takes 5 points from Hermione

Reminder also that Trevor was a gift to Neville from his Uncle for getting into Hogwarts- a feat none of his family thought possible because he wasn’t “magic enough”.

So to him, Trevor is more than just a pet, he’s a reminder that he is a wizard and that his family are proud of him- and Snape wanted to kill him because he got a potion wrong i.e- because he wasn’t “magic enough”

Severus snape is an irredeemable piece of shit idc what anyone else says the truth is there