update from the UK lads

  • gove and boris, pioneers of the leave vote, are literally MIA. like…no one knows where any of the leave campaign are
  • the chancellor is basically missing
  • we effectively have no PM
  • the tory party are in the midst of a civil war so brutal john major’s tenure looks chill
  • there may or may not be a snap election
  • the labour party literally barely exists as its shadow cabinet resigns en masse
  • labour’s deputy leader, hero of the story tom watson, spent the whole of the leadership crisis last night at a silent disco at glastonbury, while snapchatting
  • this fucking hilarious video in which it is revealed vote leave have no contingency plan and the presenter literally ends saying “i don’t know what to say to that”
  • no one actually wants to press the big red button (article 50) to start the process of brexit
  • this conspiracy theory appears to be entirely correct. seriously, read it. it basically suggests brexit is entirely impossible
  • nicola sturgeon, separatist first minister of scotland, is effectively the only leader with a plan: that plan being the break up of the united kingdom
  • literally we have become a meme

This is…like, I’m having a hard time even believing everything that is happening?

Isn’t Boris, that champion of the anti-establishment, off playing golf at a club owned by his rich friends?