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hi again (again)

so you’ve probably seen/read these posts i made about the overnight walk, which is a fundraiser led by the american foundation for suicide prevention 

i still have yet to reach my fundraising goal of $700, and in a short while, the organization starts pulling money from my bank account. now, i have a job for the summer, but my mother confirmed that she’s losing her job at the beginning of july and i’m all she’s got to help her out with rent, groceries, etc. since my brother’s still too young to help. i don’t want to put any financial stress on her so i haven’t told her about this but honestly, i’m panicking. 

so again, i’m asking you for help. i’ve been told (by the overnight walk organizers) that the fundraiser can go as long as it has to, but they will still start charging my bank account in about a week. i’ve gotten a lot of support from some people so far, and for that, i am truly and incredibly grateful. 

every cent counts, and all proceeds go towards things like providing resources for those affected by mental illness and suicide and funding research for suicide prevention. please, please donate and reblog this post to spread the word. thank you.

donate here