It’s just past 9am and

  • The UK has voted to leave the EU 52% to 48%
  • The pound has fallen so much so that it is at a 30 year low
  • Seriously like 10%? it dropped so fucking fast guys
  • As a result the UK is no longer the fifth largest economy, France has overtaken us
  • David Cameron the Prime Minister has just resigned with a new leader to be elected in October
  • I say elected, I mean Tory members will vote on who from their party should be a our new Prime Minister..they have 150,000 members
  • That’s right 150,000 people will choose this entire country’s leader
  • Oh btw Scotland? ALL voted to remain so guess who is probably gonna hold another referendum on whether to leave the UK? And probably vote out? And then probably join the European Union on their own
  • Meanwhile Northern Ireland (who also voted to remain) are talking about possible unification of Ireland
  • Wales let the whole Remain side down by somehow being the country that gets the most EU support and yet also voted to leave
  • Nigel Farage has already backtracked saying that the £350 million (not true) we apprently sent to the EU would not in fact go to the NHS as promised and it was a mistake to give that impression
  • It’s looking likely that Boris Johnson (Basically Donald Trumps British cousin) is going to be our next PM
  • He did a shit job as London Mayor once but apparently he suddenly knows his stuff idk
  • he looks like this
  • an economic shit show is happening right now as all the experts predicted but we did it anyway

So yeah. How was your morning?