FARAGE: “We have done it and done it without a single bullet being fired”

The Labour Party and any decent human being: 

No. Not a single bullet fired, Farge. Three bullets being fired, seven knife wounds, several kicks to the head and being dragged about.

And this is the man who won today? This man has just been given the keys to victory? This is the guy who’s being courted by the hard right for a lordship.

A twat of the highest order and I still can’t believe he’s victorious. Poor Jo didn’t die for this.

Yes, this. And then someone on the BBC said ‘this has been done with no blood being spilt’. I felt like crying that made me so angry. Jo Cox was murdered, you piece of shit, so blood was spilt, and bullets were fired, and have you forgotten her already? 

No blood being split? … well so those little kids of 3 and 5 didn’t lose their mother and they’re happy as ever. 

I’m not british but this is sick.. 

Reblogging this because NEVER FORGET.