as much as its fun to laugh at these brexit memes i don’t want anyone to forget how serious this actually is. i have one of my housemates crying in my room bc her career relied on the uk being a part of the eu (she wanted to go into foreign diplomacy). my mum is freaking out because the uk basically just put xenophobia and racism ahead of its own interests and she doesn’t know what that means for her immigrant self, or her british born foreign children. my brother-in-law who works for a french company is terrified that his job won’t be there tomorrow. i’m living in the netherlands rn and the pound has plummeted so much that the money i budgeted at the start of this month is no longer enough for me to make rent and eat. this is just the beginning and this is only how brexit is effecting one singular person (me). i can’t even imagine the wider damage this is gonna cause.