i can’t believe qui gon gave obi wan a rock for his birthday oh my god that’s such a qui gon thing to do bye

And then it becomes his “most treasured possession” and he gives it to Anakin

On the morning of Anakin’s thirteenth birthday, Obi-Wan had presented him with his Padawan gift. It was the gift that Qui-Gon had given Obi-Wan on his own thirteenth birthday, a Force-sensitive river stone. Obi-Wan was ashamed to remember how he’d been disappointed by the gift. He had been so young. He had wanted something significant, something like the gifts other Padawans had received — special hilts for their lightsabers or cloaks made from the lightweight, warm wool from the planet Pasmin. Instead, Qui-Gon had given him a rock.

Yet that present had turned into his most valuable possession. The smooth black stone glowed with heat against his heart. It had warmed his cold hands on many planets. It had nestled inside a tiny pocket his friend Bant had sewn in his tunic, close to his heart.

It was hard to give it up. But somehow he knew Qui-Gon would want him to.

Unlike Obi-Wan’s first reaction, Anakin’s face showed deep appreciation. Then his expression clouded. “Are you sure?” he asked. “This was given to you by Qui-Gon.”

“He would want you to have it, as I do. It is my most treasured possession.” Obi-Wan reached out and closed Anakin’s fingers over the stone. “I hope it will be with you always to remind you of Qui-Gon and me, of our deep regard for you.”

Anakin’s smile lit his face. “I’ll treasure it. Thank you, Master.”

Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice by Jude Watson