We don’t need a Frozen sequel, we need a sequel to The Princess and the Frog where Tiana and Naveen are human during the entire movie.

There’s a ton of responses on this like “the whole point of the movie was turning into frogs” and “how would it be princess and the frog anymore”

Look, it’s simple. Call the movie “The Princess and the FROGS”

Facilier escapes the underworld, leading a horde of demons and spirits, and curses the ENTIRE town to become frogs.

Tiana and Naveen are immune because they went through it before, but Facilier kidnaps Naveen as revenge.

Tiana is now the only human left, and it’s up to her to train and lead an army of frogs against an army of the damned to rescue her prince.

Perfect. Lets do it.

Okay but can we give Lottie a girlfriend in this one?  The girlfriend can also be a frog.