I stand before you not only as a senator, but also as Bail Organa’s daughter. And yet everything I have done in my career as a senator has been rooted in the valuable lessons he taught me about courage. About strength. About leadership. He stood as viceroy of Alderaan at the beginning of a dark time for our entire galaxy. He helped Mon Mothma create the Rebel Alliance, even while still fighting valiantly to preserve what little integrity and authority the Imperial Senate had left. I have no doubt that he would have continued the battle alongside our rebel soldiers if he had not so cruelly been taken from us in the destruction of my homeworld. It was my privilege to know him as both a leader and a father. As proud as I am to think of his courageous stand against Palpatine’s tyranny, I also smile every time I remember how he used to get down on the floor to play blocks with his little girl.