Our Godawful Lazy Remake Culture


That Last Man on Earth fanfic. Ha, I did it! And mostly without crying!

Title: Our Godawful Lazy Remake Culture
Rating: God knows. PG-13? It gets kinda gross in its descriptions every now and then. Also, well, you’ve seen the show
Fandom: The Last Man on Earth (TV)
Characters/ships: Mike, Erica, Mike/Erica (well, sort of)
Summary: Mike forbade his brother to watch him die, but he didn’t forbid Erica.


1. Mike

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.

Actually, most of that statement is inaccurate. Mike wasn’t the last man on Earth, although it would have been easier if it had been, and it wasn’t a knock, it was more like a pounding. He was in a room though. Hey, it’s a good opener, just go with it.

“Phil?” Mike asked. It came out as a sort of croak. It wouldn’t be Phil, he had promised. Maybe it was Death. Maybe it was the Terry Pratchett version of Death, which Mike had always hoped to be the real one. That would be pretty cool.

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