The EU referendum is on the 23rd JUNE and here’s some scary stats the BBC decided to throw at me this morning: 

“just over a third of 18- to 24-year-olds intend to or are certain to vote, compared with well over two thirds of the over-75s mix that with “those under the age of 35 are roughly twice as likely to vote to stay in as those over the age of 55″

DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS HEADING? No? Then let me spell it out for you, Hamilton style:

We are outgunned

We are gonna get ourselves kicked out of the EU if you don’t get your arse down to the polling station and VOTE for us to stay on the 23rd June.

So, here I am, doing my best to convince you to VOTE STAY.


I get it. You’re apathetic. Politics is boring/corrupt/pointless, all the parties are the same, we’re screwed anyway etc etc. I FEEL YOU. Mate, do I feel you. But THIS referendum has NOTHING to do with political parties or alliances, even the muppets running this country are split. THIS is about the SINGLE QUESTION of if you want us to stay, or want us to leave.

And if you don’t vote for us to stay, then the older generation will most likely vote for us to leave. 


The EU has been going pretty great considering it was all one giant experiment, and it’s been swimming along mostly A-OK for years, but then… the Tories got desperate. Last election, they promised a referendum to get some of the right-wing *cough*UKIP*cough* votes, so now, here we are, having a vote about the EU even though, WE HAVE NO FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THE EU.


Being a member of the EU means you can hop across borders as you please: you can study abroad, live abroad, and go on holiday abroad within the EU with much less hassle than if we were outside it. 

But they are also responsible for a bunch of welfare laws that we take for granted: 

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But seriously here’s some other things that you might not have realised were thanks to the EU:

At the minute it’s a great symbiotic system where we have plenty of freedom but also, plenty of support. 


Because it sounds like a breakfast cereal and I’m guessing they’re hungry af. Admittedly, we have to pay a fee to be in the EU (but relatively, this is minimal) and it can also mean more “red tape”. But as far as I can tell these are all just very polite ways to say that the EU just have too much gosh darn ~power~ over us. URGH. First of all, this is not the British Empire, we’re allowed to have allies, and it’s a good thing that we have other nations keeping us in check. (And with the Tories destroying the country, you might find yourself hoping that the EU did have more power to keep us in check). Secondly, we’re already a special snowflake in the EU, and they grant us PLENTY of leeway, so it’s not as if they’ve got us by the tighty whiteys. 

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The Leave campaign are scapegoating refugees as to why we need to leave the EU which would be hilarious if I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by white middle-class racist UKIP voters that are goddamn licking it up. (Cornwall. Don’t even.) They are using the recent “migrant crisis” to emphasise that as soon as someone becomes an EU member they can live anywhere in the EU, as in, all the EU countries that are nicer than we are and actually let people fleeing from their wartorn country stay, can therefore decide to move to the UK. But, yo, leaving the EU won’t stop immigration. And even more hilariously, our borders are actually more likely to be weaker if we leave the EU than stronger.

Putting aside the fact that apparently millions of people in our nation don’t give a fuck about refugees that are in part OUR GODDAMN FAULT and certainly if you’re a human being OUR GODDAMN CONCERN, the Leave campaign are apparently forgetting about OUR IMMIGRANTS. 

As in:

2.2m British nationals that, if we leave the EU, are suddenly dumped into muddy water. Oh yeah, Leave campaign, I really see you caring about them. 

I’ve honestly never seen such hypocrisy in my life. 


The Leave campaign cannot produce a single independent study to show that economically we’d be better off leaving the EU.

jk it’s because we’re NOT.

Our economy is now so tied to the EU that it would be a fucking MESS if we left. It’s 57% of our trade. It’s 1 in 10 of our jobs. It could take us a decade just to untangle ourselves. And, lord knows, we’d never win Eurovision again.


On JUNE 23RD please vote to REMAIN IN THE EU. If you do nothing, it’s likely we’re gonna be outvoted by hypocritical racist UKIP-wankers and get our country in an even worse financial state.

The reason I am here BEGGING my 12 followers and 200 spambots to VOTE TO STAY is because the last time there was a referendum, I was a naive little undergrad, and I thought “this option is so obviously better, everyone’s going to vote for it” and HAHAHAHAHA DID THAT NOT HAPPEN. You may think you don’t need to vote, but YOU DO. 

Governments are only as smart as the people informing them.

We need to give our idiotic government as close to an actual representation of our country’s opinion. That means we need to get our turnout percentage up to AT LEAST two-thirds like the over 75s so that the result of the referendum is an actual reflection of opinion.

That doesn’t happen if you don’t vote. 

So please, check you are registered to vote RIGHT NOW. And on June 23rd, VOTE TO STAY.

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This is the BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT thing that this country has voted for since before we were born and will likely shape us as a country for many years to come. I’m proudly going to be voting to stay but whatever you want for us PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

please, my dear 39 followers and 400 Spambots: Reblog and vote vote vote!

Talking about the economy in broad numbers is nice, but let me put some perspective on it from someone who is in international trade and regularly sends and receives good to and from Britain. (and other non-EU countries)

Every delivery across EU borders costs us the transport. That’s about 30€ for oh… high-end notebook in a price range of about 1500€ 

We do not pay extra taxes, we do not pay customs, we do not have to put in the additional work time of 4 hours to fill out customs forms. If something goes wrong and the notebook is not the correct one, it got damaged on the way or…. that’s all no problem. Send it back and we’ll fix it. Costs us about two days delivery time. 

Now, take in comparison, Switzerland: 30€ + Customs + extra transport fees= 180€ (per delivery). Customer accidentally had ordered the wrong notebook. 

We had to apply for re- introduction across EU borders, then had to wait until the notebook was at our place (a week, customs was thorough) then we could send out the new notebook. It got turned back at the border because one number was potentially suspicious. The guy at our specialised transport company phoned with them for an hour to clear that up. Permission granted, one day delay. 

Because we did not send the same goods again (this time we sent the correct notebook) we had to pay customs and tax AGAIN. Our customer can apply to get the first customs fee restored, after a lengthy bureaucratic process.  

So, this 1500€ notebook all in all cost us and the customer: 1920€ 6 weeks all in all of delivery time (including the original BTO time) and me personally two days of work. 

I send a delivery to France with 10 notebooks in two weeks and one hour of work. 

Compare that and tell me, how it’s supposed to work?

Seriously to my UK followers, please vote for us to stay. I’m terrified that we will be leaving the EU. We’re fucked if we leave. Please vote. And non UK followers, please signal boost this. It’s so damn important,

VOTE. Seriously, get off your asses and VOTE. This is important. It’s quick and easy. Do not miss this. Do not let the old idiots fuck our generation over yet again.

One summer while I was at uni, I got a job in Finland. Because I was going to be there for just shy of three months, I didn’t have to apply for visas, I didn’t have to fill out any paperwork, I didn’t have to do anything special in order to live and work in another country. I was able to open a bank account there for my wages to be deposited into, rent an apartment, sign up for an internet subscription, all of these things… without having to do anything special.

That summer job was one of the most interesting things on my CV when I started applying for jobs and graduate programs and probably a huge factor in me getting such a good job straight out of university. It was possible because both countries were in the EU.

The company my mum used to work for opened a UK office but most of their business was run out of another European country. They never would have picked the UK for that office if the UK hadn’t been in the EU because it wouldn’t have been economically viable, so my mum would never have had that job – which she had for about 15 years – without the EU.

These are two things that have personally benefited me about the EU. I realise it’s not as comprehensive as the above post, but I figured I’d throw my experiences into the mix.