Welcome to the Haile Sand Fort. (It’s not small, it’s just far away!) This is where my great-grandfather Edward worked during World War II as a blacksmith building the submarine nets.

It was pretty dangerous work, since Cleethorpes was constantly being bombed by the Germans. My grandmother (the one who just turned 90!) told me that she worked in a shoe shop during the war, and she turned up for work one morning to find the whole thing gone, and other times she would emerge from the air raid shelter to find whole streets wiped out. Cleethorpes lost about 196 people in all to air raids, I think. Most of them to butterfly bombs.

What life was like out on the fort I don’t know, but I do know that people are strongly discouraged from trying to walk to it from Cleethorpes beach, even though my grandmother says she used to do it when she was a girl.

Also if you have £350,000 lying around, you can buy the fort! It went up for sale in February.