Carrie Fisher explains to a little boy what ‘bipolar’ means, at Indiana Comic Con 2015.

I love her so much.

I will always reblog this because it’s the best description of bi-polar I have EVER seen.

(Especially to people who don’t understand what mania means. You aren’t HAPPY, you’re very fast.)

It was SO important to 15-year-old me to learn that PRINCESS LEIA (whose hair I have envied since age 7, btw) was bi-polar.

she is so good and i love her so much, and so so much for TALKING about everything so frankly. (without losing an ounce of her humor).

I never gave Carrie Fisher much thought until she was the guest on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me – If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a news-related comedy podcast recorded weekly in Chicago.

She was hilarious and everything I have read/seen since has made me like and respect her more.

Reblogging because it is so important not to hide things from kids. This is an awesome example of explaining something to a kid by relating it to things they already understand. Then they can accept it, process it, and move on. Otherwise, the hidden thing can become a source of fear or shame.