Each of the vampires in Stakes is based on (and mostly named after) a Tarot Card

The Fool – Beginnings, Innocence. The Fool is Marceline’s first major vampire kill and her first vampire soul sucked.

The Empress – Fertility, Nature. The Empress seduces Simon and craves blood and sating her natural urges.

The Hierophant – Tradition, Religion. The Hierophant wants to go back to the old ways of vampires.

The Moon – Fear, Mystery. The Moon intentionally terrifies her prey. She messes with them, and her motives are unknown.

Strength – Patience, Courage. The Vampire King was patient for the time to come for the ressurection of his species. He faces the future with bravery and welcomes the challenges that a new era presents.

Judgement – Judgement, Inner Calling, Rebirth. Marceline’s feelings and her desire to grow up is what drives her to start hunting vampires and make herself mortal. She judges them for their attacks and making it her goal to eradicate them. And her decisions mark a rebirth and new beginning for herself, vampire kind, and the world.


Hermit – Guidance, Being Alone. Simon was Marceline’s guidance and her support. After he left, Marceline was completely alone for the first time.

Death – Endings, Transition, Life Cycle. The Dark Cloud is the final battle in the miniseries. It’s also the last battle she fights as a mortal before becoming a vampire once again, but more mature and grown. The decision to fight it was her transition to adulthood after a millennium of adolescence.