Hey, my final Thunderbirds Are Go fancast is finally…um….go! Here they are:

Tumblr fave Sebastian Stan as Scott Tracy
Why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-her-earlier Sarah Jane Adventures star Anjli Mohindra as Tanusha ‘Kayo’ Kyrano
Presumably natural redhead Domhall Gleeson as John Tracy
My eternal fave George Blagden as Virgil Tracy
Cheerful blond Graham Rogers as Gordon Tracy
X-Men guy Lucas Till as Alan Tracy
Bewilderingly-hot-without-glasses Dev Patel as Brains
The borrowed-from-the-actual-voice-cast Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy
The also borrowed-from-the-actual-voice-cast Anjoa Andoh as Colonel Casey
The spookily-unchanged-since-2005 Katie Leung as Professor Moffat

Annnnnnnd returning from the 2004 movie, which had terrible writers/producers but a good casting department:

One-time Doctor-lover Sophia Myles as Lady Penelope
One-time Doctor-botherer Ron Cook as Parker
The endearingly-enthusiastic-about-the-original-movie Bill Paxton as Jeff Tracy
And Ben Kingsley as The Hood, except in Sensible Mode rather than Dubious Cold War Asian Stereotype Mode

And we’re done!