@MizCarmelVixen is the creator of the hugely successful comic book movement #BlackComicsMonth (In which ever month is black comics month!). Fans and followers of her work in promoting black comic book characters and creators include Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Scott Snyder, G Willow Wilson, Greg Pak, Kieron Gillen, David Walker, and many many more. Right now SHE NEEDS OUR HELP.

After being rear ended by a vehicle going 35 MPH Vixen had to go through intense physical therapy. During September 2014 something went wrong and she lost feeling in parts of her lower body. She was diagnosed with having 3 degenerative discs and sciatica, and some of the nerve damage might be permanent. She has not regained feeling in her leg and walks with a cain. Vixen’s insurance claimed she was at her medical improvement limit for a year, and while they are finally willing to pay for her surgery, they are refusing to pay for post surgery rehabilitation care.

A single week at rehab would cost upwards of $5,000 and payments are upfront only. Vixen needs out help! You can read her story, read updates on the situation, and DONATE at this link. If you want to support diversity in the comics scene, want to support someone who has organized amazing online movements and convention panels promoting black comic characters and creators, or just want to support someone who really needs our help, now is the time. 

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