In need of help




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I know I did
something like this a couple of monts ago, and I know that I don’t have the
right of ask for help again but I really need a hand right now and I don’t know
who to ask since I don’t have any friends outside this silly place and my
family is full of shit so asking them to help me is not the safest thing.

A couple of
days ago I was in a really bad place mentally speaking. Ive been depressed for
a long time but last Sunday I was even playing with the idea of killing myself
for real and I knew that if I didn’t  get
any help I would actually do it.

So  Monday I called my psychiatrist for emergency sessions.

And the
thing about those sessions is that they are quite expensive.

And when I say
expensive, I really mean it.

My medical coverage
only allows me two emergency sessions per year, so I need to pay for the one I had
today and the next two.

In resume, I
need $330 before next Friday or my parents are going to find out and I will be
in real deep problems.

So I beg
you all with all my heart, please, help me.

I know that
I have no right and that there is other people who probably need this more than
me, so if you cant donate, just signal boost this.

Thank you.

If the link doesn’t works, i have a donations link in my blog

Today is the last day!
I have to send the money tomorrow morning and I still need $160
Help me.