7 reasons why Jake Peralta is awesome, as explained by phil-the-stone:

1. He’s an inherently feminist character and it’s completely normalized. He
treats his female coworkers as equals, and respects the hell out of
them. Also, he has some pretty awesome platonic friendships with Rosa
and Gina, and Platonic Only m/f friendships are v hard to come by in
today’s media content

feel so conflicted abt feminist b99 bc it is lowkey feminist but it
achieves it just by not being complete misogynistic garbage n having–
#male characters that genuinely respect women as people & it’s like??? is that really all that takes????? #but
you look at 99% of all male-led sitcoms & like……. compared to
them b99 is aggressive feminist propaganda & i’m happy abt that
#ANYWAY POINT IS b99 is one of the only sitcoms that makes me feel safe. good

#jake peralta #could have been the typical gross male cop character #is actually cinnamon roll who is precious and respectful and progressive