ok but I am in desperate need for a head cannon for that tiny Arc de Triomphe they’ve got on their top shelf. Did it belong to Jeff? One of the boys? A present from a family friend on holiday? Penelope in Paris? Who was in Paris and why did they pick up such a thing? Tourist tat or hand crafted, sculpted and expensive? John with hot french coffee and a morning pastry on his way to a lecture (because of course he speaks perfect fluent french and some top Paris Uni wants him to give space nerd talks) spotting it in a window? Gordon, swimming pre-Olympic gold heats thinking it’s be a good present to send back home? Scott buying it as a reminder of courage, of bravery, in his USAF days? Virgil, as a reminder of the city’s art and architecture? It’s a thing I need to know.

Also all the books; on shelves and Jeff’s desk and the piano and the little pyramid (reference to “The Uninvited”??) and the pool table and dljgklsjflskjfklsdjflsjflskjfs I JUST… WETA MODELS MAN i cant