ExR Interview with George Blagden


I received my MA results today (distinction!!), which means I can finally share this interview. George very kindly exchanged e-mails with me while I was working on my dissertation, which was a study of same-sex desire and intimacy in Les Misérables. I basically wanted to see if it was viable to view Enjolras and Grantaire’s relationship as something more intimate than friendship, without becoming anachronistic. I explored the subtext present in their section of the novel, drawing upon both ancient Greek and 19th century Parisian modes of same-sex desire, as well Victor Hugo’s own life and other literature circulating at the time in my analysis, and extended that to examine how representations of their relationship changed in reinterpretations of it in the musical, the 2012 musical and online fandom, which is where George comes in! He asked to share this interview on Twitter – his answers are great at exploring an actor’s process, as well as being a really fantastic and valuable contribution to what I was writing about; I’m super excited about sharing his thoughts and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

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