A Step-by-Step Rotoscope Guide with not-an-animator cakeis !

Step 1: Find a gif

Remember to ask for permission if using someone’s edit
You can always extract scenes from youtube etc with sites like:

Step 2: Extract Frames

  • Go to
  • Upload gif, download, unzip, preview images, select your frames
  • Go to Step 4: upload selected frames to test if animation is smooth
  • If no, select more or different frames. If okay, Transfer the selected frames to one photoshop file or any program that supports layers. 

Step 3: Trace!

  • Trace each Base frame on a new transparent layer. 
  • Keep consistent with each new tracing for a nicer flow
  • Go to Step 4 with every few new traced layer to check for flaws.
  • Watch your gif grow!

Step 4: Save as gif

  • Save each traced layer as a separate image file
  • Upload to  
  • Adjust the speed to liking.
  • Click “View the GIF animation” and save. You’re done!