Jack’s page in the Journal of Impossible Things

(from left to right)

In my magic box

I’m traveling with a Captain
in the military, Only he isn’t
what he seems, and so I leave
him behind after a battle,
and he is stranded in no
man’s land, so alone and so
far away from home.”

I left me behind
after a battle. I
left him in no man’s
land of no man’s land
I left him behind he
got left behind.
he’s So alone all

I am alone he is
alone, he is a
Captain he is a captain
that I know whom
isn’t what he seems”

(written sideways)

“A captain whom I
traveled with although he
is not what he

(second page)

“A captain..

A captain I traveled with
he had a captain’s uniform
a long coat is someone who has come
from a long way away he
his face is unclear”


“his face is unclear
his face is unclear
his face is unclear
he has a long Coat
a Captain’s Coat

he has a captain’s coat a long coat”

“He is a captain although his face is unclear.

Captain Who I traveled with”