My Experience with Doctor Who and Why Martha Jones is the Best


My first episode of Doctor Who was “Bad Wolf”. It was on the Sci-Fi Channel and I only caught the beginning when Crosbie is voted out of the house. I was intrigued because here were these white people crying over the departure of a black woman. I forgot about it for a long time until I saw “Gridlock”. I can write an entire post about that episode. I then went searching for season 3 and fell in love with Martha Jones.

Martha Jones is the best companion of the new era because she was the most human. All of the other companions lost their humanity in some way but not Martha Jones. Martha Jones who saved the universe by walking through a dying Earth. Martha Jones whose first introduction to the Doctor was random and written off as unimportant (the tie). Martha Jones who had to get a job in order to support the Doctor when the weeping angels got to them. Martha Jones whose family is the only family to really suffer the effects of being associated with the Doctor. Martha Jones who was capable yet trusted the Doctor to save the day. Martha Jones who is the only companion who faces real-world consequences if she travels to the wrong time period. Martha Jones who walked away as a better person. 

All the other companions had these huge conspiracies around them. Rose and Bad Wolf. Donn and Doctor/Donna. Amy and at least the Pandorica and River. Clare and her entire life. But the way in which the Doctor’s enemies used Martha was the most human and the most long-lasting. Martha had the weight of the universe on her shoulders but the Master had her family and that was all that mattered. 

And we sometimes got to see how Martha Jones tried to piece her life back together. (I enjoyed her time on Torchwood better than series 4 Doctor Who) Martha Jones is the companion who decided to live her life.