“I got evicted from my apartment in the summer of 2011. I was working on commission as a real estate broker, and I hadn’t made a deal in a long time. I had master keys to a bunch of vacant apartments, so I slept in those for a while. But that came to an end when two prospective tenants walked in on me buck-naked at a unit in Harlem. I got out of the shower, and the superintendent was standing there with two African guys. Luckily they didn’t report me. After that I tried sleeping in the office. That worked for a couple years. My colleagues saw me so much that they joked about me sleeping there. They had no idea it was true. But they fired me for good in 2013 and deactivated my entry card. That’s when I started sleeping outside. I bought a gym membership so at least I’d have a place to shower. Last winter was the worst. The cold would get through the sleeping bag and I’d wake up feeling like somebody had hit my hands with a hammer. All night I’d pray for 6 AM because that’s when my gym would open.”