ok so i am neither bi nor monogamous but like…yall bi folks in exclusive het relationships. whats up. why is ur “identity” such a big deal. isnt all that’s saying like…”whenever i leave my partner now, i might not be having sex w ppl of their gender!” isnt that kind of…rude to ur monogamous partner. “just letting you know that in case i break up with you or cheat on you, my options are more open!” 

like why is this nebulous idea of u having an Immutable Innate Sexual Identity more important than the things you’re actually doing?? like i understand why a liberal would think that but like….one of the basic tenants of radicalism imo is that Things are more important than Ideas and Actions are more important than Intentions. that’s how privilege and oppression work…

this post is Bad and so i’m taking it over with a more worthwhile discussion. what is everyone’s favorite shrek movie and why? mine is definitely shrek 2 like i know sequels hardly ever outshine originals but shrek 2 is just an incredible movie. i feel the humor was just more solid throughout and it did an excellent job of expanding on this fantasy/modern world that we only really got a taste of in the first shrek film. the new characters also really held their own next to the ones we already knew and didn’t feel like shallow Sequel Characters only created to force a plot.

i agree Shrek 2 was at least on par with if not better than Shrek 1. shrek 1 of course had the more distinctive soundtrack but shrek 2’s plot was a fantastic continuation

I own shrek 2 and no other shreks and I’m not sure if I own it because it is the best or if I think it’s the best because I’ve seen it the most times due to owning it. Truly a chicken and egg problem.

personally i thought shrek 2 was clearly inferior and that the characterization of the titular character was deeply lacking. however, that said, the final musical number in which the fairy godmother sings “i need a hero” pretty much makes up for every failing that shrek 2 otherwise has