just casually excluding every PoC princess from Disney doll collections for no reason whatsoever… 

and no it’s not about “demand” because 

A) Demand for Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas and Mulan (a perpetual favorite of many) has always been at least as high as demand for Merida, for goodness sake

B) Clearly many customers are subbing in the dolls that aren’t included (AKA: demand), if the frequently bought together is any indication

Is a doll lineup the most hard hitting inadequacy plaguing society today? No, but obvious exclusion and the continual marketed concept that the most “classic” and “essential” princesses are the white ones, is a harmful micro aggression that speaks of larger concepts people are accepting without questioning

On this subject, I don’t know what upset me more at the time, thinking there weren’t any PoC dolls in the Sparkling Princess line or finding out Tiana and Jasmine were in it but were both left out of the commercials.

They didn’t include any PoC girls either, so the message is pretty clear.

As an aside, I have yet to find Tiana or Jasmine at any store, but I still see a million Meridas, all on deep clearance.