A Child’s History of Adventure Time Emmy Nominations

In the category of Outstanding Short-format Animated Program:

2010: “My Two Favorite People” (winner: Robot Chicken)

2011: “It Came from the Nightosphere” (winner: Prep & Landing)

2012: “Too Young” (winner: Regular Show)

2013: “Simon & Marcy” (winner: Mickey Mouse)

2014: “Be More” (winner: Mickey Mouse)

2015: “Jake the Brick” (winner: to be announced 9/20/15)

Andy Ristaino (2013) and Nick Jennings (2014) picked up their Outstanding Individual in Animation awards for character design (”Puhoy”) and art direction (”Wizards Only, Fools”).

See you in September.

Sixth time is the charm. This just in: Adventure Time wins the 2015 Emmy for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program. Congratulations to the tops blooby cast and crew in the business.