Danny Pink was an ass.

I shudder to think what Clara’s life would have been like if she’d married/had a child by him.


I’m sorry but what in the actual fuck? Danny never was controlling, he only ever asked Clara to be honest with him. As much as I love her as a character, she was the one who constantly lied and led him on. Neither of them were perfect, but this actually makes me angry because it really lays a lot of the blame for how their relationship was at his feet,when it had more to do with Clara’s need to control everything in her life (including her relationships) and her rather constant lying to him.

What world have we come to when demanding honesty from someone you’re romantically involved with equates to “controlling” and abusive behavior? What the actual fuck?

ZOMG! Just because we’re in a serious relationship that could one day mean us becoming financially and familially entwined doesn’t mean you can take away my right to constantly lie to your face!!1!

Oh Moffat.