“hey steve, did you see the funny thing? steve? steve?”

I can’t believe
That it’s finally me and you and you and me
Just us, and your friend Steve

What’s the deal with your friend Steve

ha ha ha the way steve feels bucky’s gaze without seeing it and turns towards him

ha ha ha the way bucky turns away before steve can see him looking, even though he was glancing back for steve’s reaction and to try and catch his eye, because it is bucky’s instinct after a million times to turn his head just before steve notices him staring

ha ha ha the way steve’s eyes immediately cut away once he realizes bucky wasn’t looking at him like he’s disappointed/embarrased with himself for thinking he was




these are all extremely valid points and I vote to award grants for further research into them all immediately BUT ALSO can we talk about how delighted Bucky’s date apparently is at things blowing up in front of her? That is a smile of glee and fascination right there.

Just saying that they’re in Brooklyn and Peggy Carter ends up living in Brooklyn after the war and SHIELD might need a demolitions expert with an unconventional background but a real knack for the work and that probably someone (cough cough ink-splotch) should write 60000 words about this that would be good.


so my research team (aka doctorcakeray) did some quick and magical sleuthing to discover that the name of the young woman above is connie, according to the movie listings

and my doc did some more research because DOC IS THE BEST FINDER to discover a minor marvel comics character named connie ferrarri, a defense lawyer in the new york area who (1) was romantically involved with one steve rogers, and who (2) liked to wear baggy mets shirts as well as (3) represent a few too many criminals for steve’s righteous tastes

so let’s go with that 

so this is young connie, who’s got a brother in the mob and a taste for complicated things— chemical equations and legal loopholes. she works at the library, which is where bucky met her— choose your own reasons for bucky being there: walking a girl back there after taking her out for the cheapest but warmest coffee he could find; or looking for a book for steve, who wasn’t home sick but ought to have been after a bout of stress-induced asthma from the last 4F stamped on his forehead—bucky’s hoping if he gets a good enough book (something with ADVENTURE something with HEROISM) steve will stay home and read it instead of looking for a recruitment center that hasn’t met him yet; or maybe bucky was in there for himself, because you’ve got to hope the boy did things for himself now and then (he won’t get much chance to, later, after all), maybe he was reading a cheesy romance and grinning (this is a boy who likes other people being happy), maybe a soldier’s memoirs, maybe a cookbook because if you can’t eat three square meals a day maybe you can just dream about it, or maybe he was reading a little dostoyevsky and getting a bit of weird foreshadowing rolling up his bowed spine. 

but connie, she works at the library, and she grins at her clients and keeps a couple science textbooks and research abstracts at her desk for the slow hours. when bucky asks her out she says yes, because the boy looks like an explosion waiting to happen

and they go, and bucky’s every inch the rakish gentleman he’s trying for, and steve doesn’t want to be there, but he’s cute, sure; the other girl on the date is nice, not really connie’s type; but then the lights spark and howard yelps on stage and suddenly connie is no longer even considering labeling this evening a regret

she slips away from the others after the show, to powder my nose she says and speeds away before the other girl can offer her company. connie sneaks around the back of the platform and through security (beaming all the way, amazing how useful that is) and says oy howard! as soon as she’s within shouting distance

howard turns, with annoyance that quickly turns into a considering smile (pretty girl; maybe she’d like to fondue sometime).

mr. stark, says connie. i can do that better. 

the lights exploding you mean? i’ve got a fellow on that already, sweetheart, don’t fret. 

no, i can make the explosions better. bigger. she grins, as cheeky as she knows how. i can help you steal the show, mr. stark. any show you want.

when connie gets back to her date, she has a business card tucked in her sock. she left a few napkins scribbled with equations and fixture designs in stark’s hands and her mind’s still mostly back there when steve decides to leave them for another registration attempt (his last, his very last until he stumbles into shield’s arms decades later, and signs on for another war because he doesn’t know anything else, even now as a skinny boy being beat up in back alleys he doesn’t know anything else)

connie considers stopping her own evening there— they’re a man short and she’s got explosions to play with in her brooklyn backyard. but bucky turns to her, eyes bright, and she remembers this boy is an explosion, too. the other girl on the date grins wide as bucky slings an arm around each of their shoulders and ah maybe, maybe she is connie’s type after all

connie has the afternoon off tomorrow; howard’s projects can wait til then.

when she gives howard stark her designs, she makes him come down to her library to get them. connie figures he can afford the cab fare. howard reads through them at a library table, pushing them around with almost reverent fingers. she’ll never see howard treat a person with such care, not in all the years she will know him. 

miss ferrarri, he says. did you know there’s a war on?

well, i noticed the handsome boys in uniform, she tells him, smirking. (her brother is overseas. she mailed him a parcel of scarves and fruitcake that morning)

would you like a job?


*dances with glee*

tiny enthusiastic queer demolitions expert!!!!

inky is the best forever

christ imagine her meeting peggy, imagine her meeting this woman who personifies the calm before the waiting storm, whose actual presence crackles with potential energy, imagine her seeing her stillness and the coiled blast underneath it and saying her, her, I want to work with her


because sure peggy is every kind of self contained and sure she’s calm and professional in the teeth of war

but connie would look at her and say yes to anything she asked

because peggy is not an explosion waiting to happen

she is a woman quietly choosing her moment to explode