“It was a great salute, and one day it would make him
famous. It went thus: from the standard attention pose, the
saluter brought his right arm sharply out in front of him at a
perfect right angle with his body. He then twirled his wrist in five
circles, to symbolise the five arms of the Space Corps, then
snapped his arm back, fingers rigid, to form an equilateral
triangle with his forehead; he then straightened the elbow so
the arm was pointing sideways from the body, from which
position it was snapped smartly back down to his side.

There were also variants: the ‘Double-Rimmer’ for dress
occasions, where the salute was performed with both arms
simultaneously, and the ‘Half-Rimmer’, with only one arm and
only three circles, for emergency situations when there wasn’t
time to carry out the ‘Full-Rimmer’.”

-Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers