Idle Speculation Concerning “Stakes”


So, we know there’s going to be an 8-part miniseries that airs next season called “Stakes”. It’s about Marceline, and blah blah blah. For all the boring production details, see here.

(Quick note… I don’t think the production details are boring. Hehe).

Anyway, since I figure we have a little bit of time to kill, I thought I’d start a post wherein I share some of my thoughts about what’s going to go down in “Stakes”. First and foremost, let’s talk about what we definitely know. The press release for the episodes said that the miniseries would involve PB, Finn, Jake, and Marceline while they deal with the “ghosts from Marceline’s past” (X). It’s also been confirmed by Olivia Olson herself that the episode will test the foursome, and they’ll come out as a stronger group of friends in the end (X).

Next, let’s look at this poster:

This was designed by Derek Kirk Kim, the new lead character designer for Adventure Time. He confirmed that it’s alluding to the “Stakes” miniseries on his website (X). But let’s look at it a little deeper…

(Note: this is where idle speculation begins…)

Finn and Jake are carrying various stakes, which are traditional weapons used to kill vampires. No big deal there… after all, the miniseries is called “stakes” (although Olivia Olson seemed to hint that the episode’s title is kind of a double entendre, because the stakes

in terms of character survival

are high, also). Marceline’s chillin’ behind the duo with her axe bass. Besides a new hairdo and outfit, there’s not a lot going on that’s telling.

But look up in the sky. What’s the silhouette in the dusky sunlight? Some people have argued that it’s Billy, but I think that’s kind of silly. Do you see the strange peaks of that mountain in the background? They outline, perfectly, this mysterious figure’s gigantic FANGS.

There is no doubt in my mind that this mysterious figure is the primordial VAMPIRE KING. The one and the same Vampire King that Marceline supposedly killed, according to Pendleton Ward (X). I think this is fairly good indication that we will be getting a flashback story (or stories) involving how Marceline became a vampire, and what happened to the old King. This assumption is bolstered by the fact that Derek Kirk Kim and pretty much everyone else has confirmed that “Stakes” will be “vampire-centric” (X). Also, there are bats flying away from the mountains.

C’mon people, how is that not the Vampire King?

But that’s not all. Look at what Finn and Jake are standing on. Strange, glass-like orbs. They look familiar, don’t they? Well, my guess is that they are memories. We’ve seen them before, most notably in season three’s “Memory of a Memory”. I think it makes sense that, for the “ghosts of Marceline’s past” to manifest in the material plane, they would have had to have been derived from memories.

Info about the miniseries has slowly leaked out, but a good chunk of it has been kept under wraps. The staff is obviously very, very proud of it (in fact, whenever anyone is asked about it, they assure that “Stakes” will be a bit hit, e.g., my interview with Jesse Moynihan).

I think that it’s not too early to say that “Stakes” is not only going to be a huge episode, but that it’s going to knock our socks off!

Please, Adventure Time, let that be the case…