Actually that list of Things Mary Jane Watson Did In The Spider-Man Films Other Than Being Kidnapped deserves a post of its own-

  • Defends Peter against the bullies at school (one of whom is her boyfriend) on more than one occasion.
  • When
    cornered by men in an alley (a scene I could have done without, but
    let’s go with it) kicks and hits them. Side note: it would not have
    mattered, nor made her responsible for the men’s actions
    she not.
  • Is in a relationship with Flash that’s clearly sucking for her. She breaks up with him. No-one rescues her, she does it herself. Same side-note applies, just replace ‘men’ with ‘Flash’.
  • Is in an abusive situation at home. She leaves home. No-one rescues her, she does it herself. Same side-note also applies.
  • Does a terrible job to make ends meet. Clearly hates it but carries on. (This is an achievement. Don’t fight me on that one.)
  • Achieves her dream of acting on stage, even if only for a short while.
  • Models on billboards all over NYC
  • On
    being fired from her dream job, continues to work as a singer (i.e.
    she’s not giving up on her ambitions). Is clearly good at it.
  • Whacks Venom in head. He had it coming.