Natasha and MJ recently met in the spider-man daily comic strip actually -reluctantheroine



Omg, how did they get along? Did they like each other? I hope so. :D

I think there was some jealously between them because Stan Lee writing (or having someone ghost write for him) ladies *shrug* It’s mostly on MJ’s side though. Nat seems to like her and even refers to Peter as Mary Jane Watson-Parker’s husband Harry’s allso in this story! He’s the Hobgoblin but can’t remember being the hobgoblin.

It’s online here. I can read in Canada, so I don’t think there’s a country restriction on it. The comic strip isn’t the best, but it’s better than a lot of spider-verse stuff currently going on

OH MY GOSH I had so much fun reading that! Thanks!

I’ll have to keep checking back for updates!