There’s been a lot of talk the past few weeks about how most superhero movies have a streak of right-wing-ism in them – a sense of These Are The Rich, Cool Guys In Power And You Ought To Obey Them For Your Own Good, shall we say. I dunno if I agree with it (in fact I’m fairly sure I don’t), but it’s interesting to read. Age of Ultron, the Batman movies, even Captain America, they’ve all come under this scrutiny, and rightly so.

But the original Spider-Man movies, man. They’re certainly not above criticism either and never should be, but the feel of them is so far away from the superhero flicks popular at the moment that I just feel like it’s worth remarking on. I mean… Peter Parker’s poor. MJ’s poor. Aunt May’s poor. Neither Peter’s spider bite nor MJ’s brief run of modelling/acting success bring them out of poverty for good. Spider-Man operates not from a high-tech tower but a cramped, run-down apartment. He kills no-one throughout all three movies – all his enemies end up either getting hoist on their own petards or redeeming themselves. The one time he does think he’s rightfully killed someone he’s informed that he’s being neither good nor responsible by taking matters into his own hands. The villain of the first Spider-Man movie is a ruthless capitalist who hates women and neglects his son, and the villain of the third is an arrogant friendzoner who thinks he’s entitled to the woman he’s obsessed with. Virtually all Spider-Man’s victories are won only with the support of others (rock-throwing New Yorkers, Doc Ock, Harry) – without other people’s compassion he’d be dead. Even with Peter’s actually fairly small amount of power (compared to someone like Iron Man and his near unlimited resources, it’s really not that much) he’s told over and over again that he has to use it responsibly, or he can’t call himself a hero at all.

…….Anyway, this is a really roundabout way of saying I AM WEIRDED OUT AS FUCK ON FINDING OUT SAM RAIMI IS A DEVOTED REPUBLICAN?