My name is Angie. I’m a 20 year old bedbound woman with a spinal injury, facing imminent homelessness. I was evicted from my subsidised apartment on 22nd
April and will need to pay unaffordable private rental in the coming 6 months.

My current rent is $280, which is $200/week higher than my
previous subsidised rent.  Additionally weekly doctors’
appointments require patient transport of ~$1000 per round trip, and the
specialist appointments can cost about $200. I  also have ongoing home nursing expenses ($240/week)
due to my disability.

I currently have $1870
dollars in savings and will run out in 2 weeks. I am completely unable to sit/walk, so homelessness would be life threatening to me. 

Links: YouCaring: costs & medical records | PayPal | Image description | FAQs | Bank balance and outstanding accounts

Even small amounts will accumulate and will save my life.