Welcome to VERSAILLES – a world of power, betrayal, love, lust and declarations of war

Louis XIV of France is a 17th century rock star, an extraordinary
strategist and an utterly ruthless ruler. The year is 1667. Louis is 28
and finally in sole command of his kingdom. Haunted by childhood
memories of a bitter coup against his father, he commissions the most
beautiful palace in Europe, Versailles.

The nobles crave
entry to this lavish château, not realising that its purpose is to
imprison and control them. One of Louis’ prime targets is his younger
brother, Monsieur, an effeminate dandy and formidable warrior. The court
is also a battleground for love as Louis’ queen, Marie Therese, fights
to tame his wandering eye. Can she win back his heart from his mistress,
the sister of the King of England?

This epic drama takes us on a
thrilling journey into the most glamourous period in history, where the
cult of celebrity was born. A world of power, betrayal, love, lust and
declarations of war, where courtiers battle for the King’s favour. This
is Versailles in all its brutal glory.

Cast & Crew           

DirectorJalil Lespert, Christoph Schrewe, Thomas Vincent, Daniel Roby

Key talent(s)


Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan, Amira Casar, Stuart Bowman,
Dominique Blanc, Noémie Schmidt, Evan Williams, Anna Brewster, Sarah
Winter, Anatole Taubman

Executive Producer(s)

Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft


Simon Mirren & David Wolstencroft, André Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton, Sasha Hails, Andrew Bampfield