this scene is just golden because tony was never planning to reveal his identity as iron man. but right when blondie laughs and says ‘i never said you were a superhero’, she obviously hit a nerve and tony literally goes ‘alright, you wanna play? i can play’, LOOKS HER STRAIGHT FUCK IN THE EYE, AND TELLS THE WHOLE WORLD HE’S IRON MAN. A SUPERHERO.

well played tony

well played

#the real winner here is christine#who is doing a great job at being a journalist#all she had to do was put a small dent in his man-ego and he outted himself as iron man#if it weren’t for her he probably would’ve kept quiet#the only person worthy of applause is christine everheart lmao#and i love how she refuses to stand up#you did a good job#four for you#people think that tony’s the winner here for going all like ‘boom im iron man’ but she made a superhero reveal his own identity#like#please#well played #via clintbarttons

Team Christine Everheart!