Oooh, I saw the reboot of Thunderbirds today! It was pretty good. I bet kids will love it.

I’m glad that they’ve taken out some of the iffier aspects of the original, i.e. Kyrano being the Tracy family’s “manservant” (come to think of it, I’m not sure he was even in it) and the ‘evil Asian mystic’ stereotype the Hood was. Also TinTin is played by Angel Coulby! (And she’s not called TinTin anymore but seems to have two different names? And is a main character now? Good!)

I hate the stiffness/uncanny-valley-ness of the CGI characters but everything else was fine. I always liked Thunderbirds (even the movie!) for its optimism – it’s nice to have a near-future story where there’s no nuclear war, things are generally Quite Pleasant, and rich people spend all their money on giant space machines to rescue people from earthquakes