I want people to start talking about this. I want them to know that this young woman of color is facing up to 70 years in prison based on contradictory charges. I want you all to be outraged over the fact that there were no abortion drugs found in her system but they are accusing her of feticide. I want your outrage over the fact that a method from the 17th century that is no longer used for being unreliable was used to determine if her fetus lived. I want your outrage over the fact that the court is treating that method as valid proof. I want your outrage over the racial profiling and targeting of the victim, and I am calling Purvi a victim because that is what she is. They are trying to make an example of her and that should not stand. I want more people talking about her case and I want your outrage over the fact that only 8 people will be attending the “protest” for her. Tomorrow is her sentencing. I do not want her to be alone.

Also people should think about the fact that in a country where abortion is supposed to be legal, states are intensifying abortion restrictions and then prosecuting marginalized women for allegedly trying to abort fetuses themselves (or even doing anything to endanger fetuses). They are trying to charge these women as murderers for self-aborting when the laws create obstacles for them in their state. 

Purvi Patel’s case is also indicative of racialized misogyny: a policeman interrogated Patel about the race and ethnicity of the father of her child, and accused her of being impregnated on a one night stand. Patel is also not the first woman of color targeted by these laws. A Chinese woman named Bei Bei Shuai was also charged with similar crimes after she survived attempting to poison herself and had a miscarriage. Those charges were dropped, but the fact Purvi Patel is actually facing sentencing for jail time demonstrates a disturbing trend.