[Trigger Warning for violence, murder etc.]


I need to be writing my submission for the LHP right now. Now that I got myself off to a good start on a topic I can actually get into. Rather than trying to recombine old tumblr posts creatively.

But I have to…

This makes for hard reading, but I think you should look at it. Because lots of people geniunely do hate the disabled, and yet such behaviour is accepted. And laughed along with! I made a post about this not long ago, mentioning this case that happened near me, where a mother killed herself and her disabled daughter after years of abuse from neighbours. There was a lot of talk about it, but not many people mentioned that the daughter had no choice in the matter at all, and would probably have, you know, preferred not to die.

It isn’t right and it’s terrifying, but…well, before long the evidence starts to speak for itself. The world doesn’t like the disabled. They really don’t. And that’s me (sort of) and half my loved ones right there…