Here are my opinions,

Firstly Nancy, she is certainly better than most of Moffat’s female characters.

She is resourceful, compassionate and confident. The thing I really love about Nancy, though, is she has flaws and uncertainties. For example, she is brave (breaking into bomb…

Ooh! Ooh! The Amy Williams thing. Actually I must talk more about that because I was reading The Brilliant Book Of Doctor Who and I came across this from Toby Whithouse (the author of The God Complex):

“And how does the Doctor see Amy? Even though he’s brought Rory into the TARDIS, I still think there’s a slight reluctance in accepting that she’s a married woman- he still calls her Pond and he can’t quite believe she’s grown up and isn’t a little girl anymore. That’s why, having broken the minotaur’s spell, he calls her Amy Williams- he finally uses her proper married name.”

BUT, MATE, AMY POND IS HER MARRIED NAME. Looking at that snippet of interview, it looks like Toby Whithouse is saying that scene plays out as “The Doctor fancied Amy, but she has to grow up now, so he’s handing her off to another man.” NOT COOL, CHUM.

But I take solace in the fact that Amy is still credited as ‘Pond’, and that she still calls herself ‘Pond’ and Rory ‘Mr Pond’, and that Steven Moffat described Rory as ‘man enough to take his wife’s name’. (I wish ‘man enough’ wasn’t a thing, but I kinda get where he’s coming from) and that Arthur Darvill said Rory would have ‘Rory Pond’ on his gravestone. So yes. Hopefully Amy won’t be called Williams again, unless she wants to, but I’d be bloody annoyed if she randomly decided she didn’t want to keep her last name after all. So would lots of people I think. Even it was her choice I think people would (probably rightly) think it was the male writers imposing their views on us via her? Anyway.