Faith In Humanity -Interlude

Title: Faith In Humanity
Author: sarah531
Rating: PG13 bordering on R
Fandom: Spider-Man movieverse
Author’s Notes: A while back I attempted a Spider-Man movieverse fanfic called Everyone Has A Choice, and I never finished it. This is that fic mashed down and rebuilt. It has something bordering on a plot now. :p
Summary: After the Queensboro Bridge incident, everyone involved struggles through the aftermath. Ursula Ditkovich was not involved, but she struggles through the aftermath nonetheless. And an unhappy middle-aged woman, after taking a job at the Osborn manor, suddenly finds herself an unwilling participant in the battle for a young man’s soul.

Faith In Humanity

The Daily Bugle letters page, June 12th 2004:

Dear All,

There has been much debate on the subject of Spider-Man, and superhumans in general. I’m going to offer you the perspective of an ordinary guy. The voice of the ordinary guy has, after all, been seriously disregarded so far. Time to even things out a bit.

Most of my family are doctors. I work as a paramedic; my father worked as a surgeon. I say worked because he’s dead. Earlier this year he was going about his business as usual when a man with four metal arms attached to his back was brought to the hospital. They asked for volunteers to help him: my father volunteered.

Three hours later I got a call from the hospital, and half an hour after that I stood at the door of the operating theatre and looked at the dead bodies strewn about the floor. Back then I was too shocked to feel much of anything: these days I feel anger. Anger that our government allows these superhumans- such as Spider-Man- to go around unchecked. Anger that people just aren’t waking up and seeing the trail of destrcution left in their wake. Remember the strange phenomena in New York only a few weeks ago? With people reporting that metal objets, even cars, flew down the street? No? Scientists have investigated: they have concluded that it was a) almost certainly Otto Octavius’s doing and b) that if it had continued it could well have pulled the whole city underwater. Killed millions. Think about that.

And yet Spider-Man still gains respect. I say he’s not getting any respect from me until he takes the mask off, gives up the superpowers and joins the police force, like he should have done all along. I can hear the arguments now: ‘If he was in the police force, he’d just be sitting around filling out forms all day, and my child/brother/sister/parent/hamster might die!’ I say: Them’s the breaks. You all need to stop relying on him so much. It’s ridiculous. Take some control of your own lives, don’t hang around waiting for some sad man in spandex to save you.

I’ll probably get ranted at by people whose lives have been saved by the man. I’m not trying to insult them, I’m geniunely not. Of course he’s done some good, but he’s brought a whole lotta bad along with it. I remain convinced that if not for him, my father wouldn’t have died that night. And don’t even get me started on all the various murders and crimes he’s accused of.

What will all this lead to, I wonder? What will happen when more and more superhumans descend upon the earth, and they refuse to accept the responsibility which comes with power? How many innocents will be caught in the crossfire? The next time something happens like the showdown on the Queensboro bridge, or the bank robbery not long ago, how many people, confident that Spider-Man will save them, just get themselves killed?

I wonder.

In conclusion, I want the world to open its eyes. We’re better than this. Is it any wonder no-one has any faith in humanity left?