Doctor Who: Smith and Jones

I love Martha already: I really hope people aren’t going to be hard on her just because she’s following on from Rose. Her family look like they’re going to be fun as well, especially the dad and the girlfriend.

For some reason I really liked the very end, when Martha’s family are fighting and storming out of the pub, and Martha glances over and sees the Doctor, like he appeared out of nowhere. The blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary, again…

What else? The Saxon references were Highly Interesting, as was the ‘brother’ line; I figure they’re setting things up for the finale, maybe, and ‘Saxon’ is this year’s Bad Wolf. Liked that Rose got a brief mention, but I’m glad the Doctor didn’t spend the whole episode moping about her.

Oh, and the bendy straws were highly, highly disturbing. I’d call that very very dark humour. Brrrrr. I’m squeamish, and looked away at those points. :p

I barely even noticed the kiss. :p

Also, Outpost Gallifrey is open in another window, and there are 241 people in the rating thread right now…